What Is Detoxing?

The word ‘detox’ has been widely promoted online and in magazines for many years now – from juices and smoothie to cleanse our bodies to even digital detoxes where we take a break from using technology. There are a number of different detox diets available; but what is a detox really? In simple terms, a detoxification plan is promoted to help with weight loss and to improve all round health throughout the body.

The main objective of a detox is to eliminate the body of any toxins or unhealthy substances within a period of time. There are six main detoxes that can occur in our bodies which are mental, physical, energetic, emotional, surroundings and spiritual. A full successful detox will cleanse and reset each of these senses.

Why is it used?         
By introducing a detox into your life, this will promote better wellbeing and not just a feeling, but also being healthier in ourselves by cutting out toxins that do not give our bodies many (if any) benefits. Some examples of general toxins that can be present in our bodies come from cigarette smoke, air pollution or heavy metals which can sometimes be found in hard water, food additives and certain hormones that can be present in food – to name a few.

A detox diet is used by many to ensure an entire cleanse throughout the body. It also helps many to follow a proper routine with their nutrition and food intake, encouraging many healthy changes in normal day to day activities such as an increase in water intake along with introducing more fruit and vegetables into their diet (and less processed foods overall).

How can it help health and well-being?    
A common positive side effect from a detox diet is a boost in mood and energy. Many feel more motivated once they start their detox and it supports a more permanent and positive change. Along with that, other observed benefits from completing a detox is clearer and healthier skin, an enhanced immune system, clearer mental and emotional clarity, weight loss and a reduced stress. A detox has also been known to offer pain relief to people who may suffer from arthritis or migraines and it can also help curve cravings and unhealthy addictions.

While the body has a natural way of getting rid of toxic substances through the liver, urine and sweat; a detox further rejuvenates and cleanses the body, providing greater support to the liver when it is neutralizing toxins and releasing them from our bodies.

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