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Corporate Health-Wellbeing – 365 Care Cover


Family Health-Wellbeing 365 Care Cover



Live120 vision is the creation of a global health- wellbeing solution where everyone has the opportunity to access the best health and wellbeing providers regardless of social or economic status.

It is possible to live longer and prevent ourselves from future civilization diseases and stress related issues if we start today.

The live120 team are professional  Health & life coaches dedicated to helping you and your family to improve a better understanding  -health & wellbeing.

Your family health & mental wellbeing is something that you ‘CANT take for GRANTED” but something only we are in control of. By Promoting health and wellbeing to our Families has several benefits .Just Making a few changes can have a huge impact in living happier and healthier.

So let’s get starter … small steps make big changes…

Family-Health-Mental -Wellbeing Care Cover


What is included in the plan 

  • Mental Booster Program
  • mindfullness
  • mindset
  • resilience
  • gratitude
  • e-book mental booster plan
  • support(52 online workshops)


Health Booster program

  • ️e-book 14 day Detox Plan
  • e-book start pack
  • e-books(breakfast recipe,lunch recipe,dinner recipe,healthy shakes recipe)
  • toxins cleanser
  • reset your digestive system.
  • allow your body to breathe
  • feeling lighter
  • full of energy
  • identify dietary factors
  • improve your mind and body
  • help you create new lifestyle
  • support (52 online workshops )


365 -Optimal Health Program

  • weight loss
  • energy booster
  • mental attitude strengthener
  • food education
  • proven and tested
  • mindset strengthener plan
  • stay fit plan
  • intermittent fasting plan
  • deepen sleep plan
  • eat nutritional balanced plan
  • quit sugar plan
  • support (52 online workshops )
  • access free for Whatsupp Private Group Daily alerts to keep you on track
  • access free for Facebook Private Groups

Life changes can be uncomfortable when you attempt them alone, that’s why as a family member you’ll get access to the private Groups .

As a community we come together to celebrate the small and big wins! We’re here to support and motivate you throughout your journey!


Weekly Workshops

Join our Weekly Workshops to learn more about becoming a happier and healthier person!


Weekly Workshops

  • Mental Booster -every Tuesday 7.00pm UK time.
  • Health Booster-every Wednesday 7.00pm UK time.
  • Optimal Health-every Thursday 7.00pm UK time.
  • Q&A,
  • Ongoing Email


Access to subscribe Live120 App-24/7 Wellbeing Portal

Family members will Receive 10 Special activation Code Coupon

(just 99p per person per month)

RRP£19.99 per month

A wellbeing platform, that supports you in maintaining and improving your health wellbeing.


Nutrition & Workout Program

  • Personalised Workout Program 
     (Updated Monthly)
  • Personalised Meal Plan (Updated monthly)
  • personalise health booster meal plans  (Recommended 4x year)
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Complete Shopping List
  • Dine In/Out Option
  • Allergies/Dislikes Blacklist
  • Workout Log
  • Track your Progress


Stuck ?

Our professional health & life coaches team are on hand around the clock to answer any of your questions whilst you are on your brand new healthy lifestyle journey


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