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Live120’s vision is the creation of a “global health-wellbeing solution”, where everyone has the opportunity to access the best health and wellbeing providers regardless of social or economic status.

Promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace ,families and community, is a benefit for you and your business, as making sure your employees are happier and healthier will result in fewer absences because of sickness or burnout. Yes, it costs money to implement, but studies have shown that “employee wellbeing programs” pay back their investment. It is obviously harder to quantify than other initiatives, but you can keep track of the gains in team performance and wellbeing.


The biggest benefits of investing in employee health and wellbeing programmes are:

  • Increased productivity and motivation: being more physically and mentally healthy will allow employees to perform better. This will make them more efficient and focused.
  • Brings teams together and builds morale: engaging in allows team members to connect, both in and outside of work. This builds camaraderie.
  • Decreases work-related stress: having a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically, can reduce stress. If you can implement mindfulness and meditation, this will also help with stress management.
  • Improved psychological wellbeing: which can result in a reduction in workplace stress and associated absence, as well as more positive feelings about work.
  • Better customer outcomes: Healthier, happier staff are likely to offer a better customer experience.


The key statistics are:

In 2019, the COVID19 pandemic, not only rocked the UK, but the whole world. During the pandemic:

1,000s of people have either been seriously affected, lost their lives or taken the time, to re-evaluate the importance of their health and wellbeing.

Obesity, smoking, underlying health issues and mental health issues, came to the forefront.


1 in 4 will suffer with mental health problems:

58% of individuals, experience stress at work.

63% of individuals, will experience at least mild symptoms of anxiety.

58% of individuals, will experience at least mild symptoms of depression.

Why not, use our expertise and life experience, to help and support people in changing their lifestyles for the better?




By increasing the focus, energy levels and sense of accomplishment of your employees. A corporate wellness program can be an extremely cost effective way of boosting overall productivity


Health concerns are a major cause of employee absenteeism across a range of different industries. An effective corporate wellness program can help reduce absenteeism.


When done properly, corporate wellness programs can aid employees and their families in avoiding the elevated health risks associated with chronic diseases.


When you spend time and money implementing a corporate wellness program you’re effectively telling your employees that you are willing to help them succeed.

Many studies show a positive correlation between well-being and employee productivity, organizational profitability, customer satisfaction and employee retention.

Higher employee wellbeing and satisfaction scores more positive impacts in business results (Source: Global Happiness Council, global happiness and wellbeing policy report, February 10, 2019)


What Live120 provides as a solution! 

A wellbeing platform, that supports you in maintain and improve your health wellbeing.


Mental Booster Program

  • mindfulness
  • mindset
  • resilience
  • gratitude
  •  e-book mental health booster plan
  • support (52 online workshops)


Health Booster program

  • toxins cleanser
  • reset your digestive system
  • allow your body to breathe
  • feeling lighter
  • full of energy
  • identify dietary factors
  • improve your mind and body
  • help you create new lifestyle
  • e-book starter pack
  • e-books 14 day reset -cleanse plan
  • E-book recipes (breakfast-lunch-dinner-healthy shakes)


365-Optimal Health Program 

  • weight loss
  • energy booster
  • mental attitude strengthener…
  • food education
  • proven and tested
  •  mindset -strengthener plan
  • stay fit plan
  • intermittent fasting plan
  • eat nutritional balance plan
  • reducing sugar plan
  • support (52 online workshops)


Live120 Weekly Workshops 

  • Mental Booster – every Tuesday
  • Health Booster- every Wednesday
  • Optimal Health – every Thursday
  • Q&A, online email support
  • Access my Private Members-Only Groups
  • facebook group
  • WhatsApp group (daily positive & healthy alerts)
  • Access live120 app activating code
  • additional 99p per month (RRP 19.99 per month)


Nutrition & Workout PROGRAM

  • Personalised Workout Program (Updated Monthly)
  • Personalised Meal Plan (Updated Monthly)
  • Personalise health booster meal plans
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Complete Shopping List
  • Dine In/Out Option
  • Allergies/Dislikes Blacklist
  • Workout Log
  • Track your Progress


Stuck ?

Our professional health & life coaches team are on hand around the clock to answer any of your questions whilst you are on your brand new healthy lifestyle journey.


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