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The Live Longer Program allows you to plan your daily routine, which in turn makes you feel more in control of your days and weeks. Not only does the program strive to help relieve feelings of anxiety and lack of control, wellness guidance, fitness activities but it also allows you to be a part of a community that supports your health and mental well-being, through its support online Live Longer community workshops and is able to keep you connected to your health and life coaches in an effort to help you feel less alone, especially during this critical period of the pandemic.

When you eat food that your body is intolerant to, you will experience some of these symptoms, even if your meal is ‘healthy’. Everyone’s food intolerances are different and that’s why you need a plan that is tailored to you and your body!

When you join the Live120 Health Booster Program, we will work with you to identify food triggers and intolerances. By eliminating these foods, you will feel brighter, happier and more energetic. On top of that, you’ll see the weight on your body start to melt away.

Our goal is to help you create new healthy habits that will have a positive impact on your life for the long term.

When you join our program, we will place all of our energy on helping you achieve great results.

The journey to a better life starts now and when you choose to sign up to Live120, you make a choice for yourself and after seeing the results, you’ll wish that you started sooner!

Founded in 2020, Live120 is here to provide you with lifestyle, motivation, nutrition & wellness advice.
We have a variety of guides and products available to help you live your best life using healthy eating plans and personalized support to achieve your wellness goals.

The team are on hand around the clock to answer any of your questions whilst you are on your brand new healthy lifestyle journey.

We’ve carefully designed our packages, plans and products so that you can achieve the best results in the most healthy way possible.


What our happy customers are saying

Some users may be more successful than others, but all members of the community work together to make progress. Take time out for feedback from other members-you’ll find that it can help improve your life.

As a small business owner I wanted to reward and look after my team. My team’s productivity increased as well as having positive effects on their wellbeing, I would definitely recommend the Live120 program

Jane Moore Chelsea

I have noticed a huge difference in my team's productivity and positivity since signing them up for the Live120 program with Andy and Rico. This is an absolute must for those looking to reward their teams and boost their health

Christine Smith Wimbledon

As a personal trainer, I was intrigued to see what Live120 had to offer in terms of advice & knowledge when it comes to training my clients. I wanted to refresh my approach and I haven't been disappointed! I'd recommend Live120 to anyone looking to shake up their training practices

James Grace Sutton, London