Our mission is to inspire & empower millions of people to LIVE LONGER, HEALTHIER & WEALTHIER

Founded in 2015, Live120 is here to provide you with lifestyle, motivation, nutrition & wellness advice.
We have a variety of guides and products available to help you live your best life using healthy eating plans and personalized support to achieve your wellness goals.

The team are on hand around the clock to answer any of your questions whilst you are on your brand new healthy lifestyle journey.

We’ve carefully designed our packages, plans and products so that you can achieve the best results in the most healthy way possible.

Live120 provides holistic coaching heath-wellbeing programs to improve your lifestyle.

With Live120 you’re more likely to reach your goals and feel accomplished. In fact, with a holistic health and life coach at your side, you can expect to improve your quality of life, raise your spirits, see and feel physical health improvements, improve your emotional well-being, and feel less stressed.